T.RAD group produces exchangers from:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Or combination of the above

The heat exchangers provide efficient heat transfer between two media with different temperatures. Via heat-exchange medium the products can be used for cooling or heating.

T.RAD Czech s.r.o. produce:


T.RAD Czech s.r.o. produces heat exchangers for construction, industrial and agricultural machinery as forklifts and generators. Heat exchangers in these categories must suffer demanding conditions (vibration and high pressure) and must also ensure high performance and demonstrated reliability under extreme conditions, whether in high or low temperature.

T.RAD Czech s.r.o. manufactures at its plant in the Czech Republic cooler exhaust gases (EGR coolers) for diesel EGR can reduce NOx emissions in diesel exhaust. Exhaust gas passes through the EGR cooler and is sucked back into the engine, where it participates in the combustion process again.

Heat exchangers for room air-conditioners are produced in T.RAD Czech s.r.o. since 2005. Heat exchangers are combination of aluminum fins, copper tubes and steel endplate. These exchangers are part of outside unit of air condition. Production in Czech republic is based on years of our own experience and the experience of the parent company.

Oil coolers for diesel engines are produced in T.RAD Czech s.r.o. since beginning of 2015. Oil coolers are parts of diesel engines. Inside the cooler is oil and between each plate is flowing coolant. Hot oil is spilling inside between fins which carry the heat to the coolant.